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Nashville StandUp Sits Down #46 – 3/26/2017

March 26, 2017 in podcast

Chad Riden and Mary Jay Berger play stand-up from Shane Mauss, Anthony Jeselnik, Jenn Snyder, Monty Mitchell, Keith Alberstadt, Ralphie May, Josh Wagner, Cortney Warner, Brian Bates, Josh Lewis, Brian “B-COV” Covington, Hannah Hogan, Chris Crofton, Jordan Jensen, Zach Boog, Bubba Bradley, Patton Oswalt, Narado Moore, Sean Parrott.

‘Nashville StandUp Sits Down’ features the very best of Nashville Comedy from 6-7pm Sundays on WXNA 101.5 FM in Nashville and streams online at & on the TuneIn app AND is archived at

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#16 – 2005.12.17

December 17, 2005 in podcast

Patton Oswalt calls in for an interview; Cesar Cervantes stops in to hang out and play some of his stand-up; Also in the studio: Chad Riden, Jesse Perry, Ryan Williams, Rob Haynes, Justin T, Corey Reppond and Chris Loyd. Unfortunately, the second hour of the show has been lost.. so if you missed the live webcast, you’ll never hear the phoner from Joel T Wilson and Leslie Nash or Chris Loyd interviewing homeless people in downtown Nashville. Way to go.

#15 – 2005.12.10

December 10, 2005 in podcast

The standup of Patton Oswalt, Tim Northern, Mitch Hedberg, Jim Gaffigan, Keith Alberstadt and Ryan Williams.. in the studio, comics Chad Riden, Rob Haynes, Corey Reppond and Chris Loyd. In the news: Dave Chappelle, Richard Pryor, and the new smut laws in Nashville. Plus: Kenneth the Youth Pastor prays for our souls;’s robot – The Announce-A-Tron 4000 Automated Entertainment Solution does some standup; Ryan Williams calls in and makes Jesus cry; Chris Loyd does a live remote from downtown Nashville interviewing homeless lunatics.

#11 – 2005.11.12

November 12, 2005 in podcast

Chad Riden, Jesse Perry, Ryan Williams and Corey Reppond play standup clips from Tim Northern, Eugene Mirman, Keith Alberstadt, Pat Dixon and Patton Oswalt. Topics of discussion include: the demise of Arrested Development, the debut of Comedians of Comedy, and other stuff.

#10 – 2005.11.05

November 5, 2005 in podcast

Chad Riden, Ryan Williams, The Great Manundso, Joel T Wilson, Chris Loyd, and Leslie Nash play stand-up clips from The Great Manundso, Tommy Joyce, Troy Blackwood, Gary Dull, Patton Oswalt, Robert Reeves, and Rob Haynes. Also, Shelley Raymond and Mark Anundson tag-team battle Chris Loyd and Joel T Wilson for the title of IRON COMIC(s)?; plus Col. Parker phones in a plug; and Your Favorite Band plays live in the studio.

#9 – 2005.10.29

October 29, 2005 in podcast

Jesse Perry, Ryan Williams, Corey Reppond, Leslie Nash play stand-up clips from Patton Oswalt, Chad Riden, Rob Haynes, Corey Reppond, Jesse Perry and Ryan Williams. Also, fan mail from Norway; IRON COMIC: Corey Reppond vs. Leslie Nash; A Movie Review of “Saw 2” and a lot of witty banter.

#6 2005-10-08

October 8, 2005 in podcast

Chad Riden, Corey Reppond and Ryan Williams play stand-up clips from Rob Haynes, Dan Whitehurst, Matt Sterling and Patton Oswalt. Also, an IRON COMIC competition between.. Chris Loyd and Alex Kendig. Wes Human makes a special appearance, as does Jesse Perry’s Mother.

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