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Ultimate Power: Podcast Of The Ages – Episode 3: Happy Holidays!

December 24, 2006 in podcast

Delicious and nutritious listening goodness that’ll rock the very core of your soul to the brink of destruction and back: Brad makes an urgent phone call about a mishap with a toy; a guest appearance from Santa Claus; Jesus Christ drops in for a visit; Sol Weingoldstein explains Hanukkah; Marcus X explains Kwanzaa; British heavy metal band Wrought Iron stops in.

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Ultimate Power: Podcast Of The Ages – Episode 2: Attack Of The Zombies

August 31, 2006 in podcast

Prepare for the inevitable zombie attack with “Zombie Talk” (featuring special guests Erin Roberts, Rob Haynes and Ashley Bachand); offensive news about Nashville’s collective anger level; a $2 Million dollar “Kick You In The Taint” jingle from the greatest metal band of all time, Wrought Iron; “Don sucks” stories; a Shaneco Jewelry ad; strange phone calls from Liberty City and some other stuff.

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Ultimate Power: Podcast Of The Ages – the Pilot

August 10, 2006 in podcast

This week features cameos from some old lady, Becci Strickland, and Woody Allen. We cover all the hot topics, but mainly encourage metal mayhem in the studio while we draw dragons and swords and stuff.

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