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Nashville StandUp Comedy Podcast presents comedy podcasts from Nashville, Tennessee's stand-up comedy scene, clips from live shows, interviews, IRON COMIC comedy competitions, random bits of other stuff

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#6 2005-10-08

October 8, 2005 in podcast

Chad Riden, Corey Reppond and Ryan Williams play stand-up clips from Rob Haynes, Dan Whitehurst, Matt Sterling and Patton Oswalt. Also, an IRON COMIC competition between.. Chris Loyd and Alex Kendig. Wes Human makes a special appearance, as does Jesse Perry’s Mother.

#3 2005-09-17

September 17, 2005 in podcast

Chad Riden and Jesse Perry interview Matt Sterling, Dan Whitehurst and Rob Haynes and play stand-up clips from their guests plus Ryan Williams and Dawna Kinne. Also, Corey Reppond reports on the IRON COMIC competition of Rob Haynes vs. Joel T Wilson.

#2 2005-09-10

September 11, 2005 in podcast

Chad Riden, Jesse Perry and Corey Reppond play stand-up clips from Tim Northern, Leslie Nash and Matt Sterling. IRON COMIC competition: The Great Manundso vs. Craig Smith. A music review from Justin T. Plus Ryan Williams pretends to be drunk and belligerent.

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