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#10 – 2005.11.05

November 5, 2005 in podcast

Chad Riden, Ryan Williams, The Great Manundso, Joel T Wilson, Chris Loyd, and Leslie Nash play stand-up clips from The Great Manundso, Tommy Joyce, Troy Blackwood, Gary Dull, Patton Oswalt, Robert Reeves, and Rob Haynes. Also, Shelley Raymond and Mark Anundson tag-team battle Chris Loyd and Joel T Wilson for the title of IRON COMIC(s)?; plus Col. Parker phones in a plug; and Your Favorite Band plays live in the studio.

#9 – 2005.10.29

October 29, 2005 in podcast

Jesse Perry, Ryan Williams, Corey Reppond, Leslie Nash play stand-up clips from Patton Oswalt, Chad Riden, Rob Haynes, Corey Reppond, Jesse Perry and Ryan Williams. Also, fan mail from Norway; IRON COMIC: Corey Reppond vs. Leslie Nash; A Movie Review of “Saw 2” and a lot of witty banter.

#4 2005-09-24

September 24, 2005 in podcast

Chad Riden, Joel T Wilson, and Corey Reppond interview Damian Anaya & Leslie Nash.. and play clips of their standup plus a set from Rob Haynes. Damian Anaya also battles Leslie Nash in an IRON COMIC competition. Unfortunately, the recording of this show has been lost.

#2 2005-09-10

September 11, 2005 in podcast

Chad Riden, Jesse Perry and Corey Reppond play stand-up clips from Tim Northern, Leslie Nash and Matt Sterling. IRON COMIC competition: The Great Manundso vs. Craig Smith. A music review from Justin T. Plus Ryan Williams pretends to be drunk and belligerent.

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