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Nashville StandUp Sits Down #22 – BEST OF THE BESTEST – 11/6/2016

November 6, 2016 in podcast

Chad Riden and Mary Jay Berger invade Martha’s Chicken Shack at the WXNA studios and play stand-up clips representing the best of the bestest from past shows, including: Reggie Watts, Tim Northern, Patrick Devine, Brad Edwards, Nate Bargatze, DJ Buckley, Josh Wagner, Sean Parrott, Brett Brock, Monty Mitchell, Michael Hampton, Keith Alberstadt, Narado Moore, Mark Anundson, Aaron Weber, Billy Wayne Davis, Mary Mack, Alex Poloskey, Brian BCOV Covington, Ashley Corby, Dusty Slay, Joe Kelley, John Hickok, Jordan Jensen, Jonnie W, Gary Fletcher, Hannah Hogan, Ben Sawyer, Jim Seward, Josh Wagner, Jesse Perry, Dan Whitehurst, Cody Marley, Chuck Anderson, Chris Crofton, Renard Hirsch, Craig Smith, Kate Spellman, Brad Hinderliter.

‘Nashville StandUp Sits Down’ features the very best of Nashville Comedy from 1-2pm Wednesdays on WXNA 101.5 FM in Nashville and streams online at & on the TuneIn app AND is archived at

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#17 – 2006.05.06: Return Of The NashvilleStandUp Podcast

May 6, 2006 in podcast

The Podcast returns better than ever as an enhanced podcast, uncensored and unrestrained by any sort of unenhanced censoring restrainers.

Doug Stanhope; Brett Erickson; Col. Parker; What If They Were Idiots; Retire A Hacky Bit: Wal Mart Greeter Jokes and more with your hosts Jesse Perry and Chad Riden.

#16 – 2005.12.17

December 17, 2005 in podcast

Patton Oswalt calls in for an interview; Cesar Cervantes stops in to hang out and play some of his stand-up; Also in the studio: Chad Riden, Jesse Perry, Ryan Williams, Rob Haynes, Justin T, Corey Reppond and Chris Loyd. Unfortunately, the second hour of the show has been lost.. so if you missed the live webcast, you’ll never hear the phoner from Joel T Wilson and Leslie Nash or Chris Loyd interviewing homeless people in downtown Nashville. Way to go.

#14 – 2005.12.03

December 3, 2005 in podcast

Jesse says:

Today’s show was our legendary Lost Episode! (we weren’t able to record it.) It’s too bad, because George Carlin came into the studio, and the ghost of Mitch Hedberg appeared, and crushed for 45 minutes.

We had 250 people in the studio, and the good people at Arby’s gave everyone free sandwiches. Also, all of us had orgasms.

It’s a damn shame we weren’t able to record it, because it was a doozy!

Thanks to Chris and Corey for showing up, and for Keith for talking with us on the phone lines . . . Thanks also to Chris’ sister-in-law . . . We’re sorry we hung up on you.

In other events, we played stand-up from Jim Gaffigan, Mitch Hedberg, Roy Wood, Jr., Tim Northern, and Mary Mack . . . Thankfully, we can just repeat the same show next week! SWEET.

We hope to see you in the studio next week. We need YOUR laughter!

Actually this would be our fourth “lost” episode so far. Way to go.

#13 – 2005.11.26

November 26, 2005 in podcast

Jesse Perry, Billy Wayne Davis, Chad Riden, Rob Haynes and Chris Loyd play standup clips from Craig Smith, Pat Dixon, Reno Collier and Doug Stanhope. Jesse Perry’s Mother called in to warn everybody about turkey poisioning.. and Pat Dixon called in talking about his appearance on the Late Late Show and other funny stuff. Turns out, the Stanhope clip was only partially edited and one of the radio station’s owners called in to complain about the language. Of course, we took the call live on the air and backtracked as fast and as cowardly as possible. Also, Jesse and Rob competed for the title of Iron Comic; Col. Parker phoned in; we talked about what we were thankful for; we tried to retire a bit about how white and black people are different; and lives were changed. However, some idiot forgot to start recording the show on time, so the first part is missing.. so it’s only a partial REVOLUTION!! this week. Still, enjoy.

#11 – 2005.11.12

November 12, 2005 in podcast

Chad Riden, Jesse Perry, Ryan Williams and Corey Reppond play standup clips from Tim Northern, Eugene Mirman, Keith Alberstadt, Pat Dixon and Patton Oswalt. Topics of discussion include: the demise of Arrested Development, the debut of Comedians of Comedy, and other stuff.

#9 – 2005.10.29

October 29, 2005 in podcast

Jesse Perry, Ryan Williams, Corey Reppond, Leslie Nash play stand-up clips from Patton Oswalt, Chad Riden, Rob Haynes, Corey Reppond, Jesse Perry and Ryan Williams. Also, fan mail from Norway; IRON COMIC: Corey Reppond vs. Leslie Nash; A Movie Review of “Saw 2” and a lot of witty banter.

#8 – 2005.10.22

October 22, 2005 in podcast

Chad Riden, Jesse Perry, Ryan Williams, Rob Haynes and Justin T play stand-up clips from Pat Dixon, Roy Wood Jr, Landon Lyon, and’s robot – The Announce-A-Tron 4000 Automated Entertainment Solution. Also, Justin T and Rob Haynes battle for the title of IRON COMIC and Col. Parker stops in to promote his SPAM Nuggets.

#7 2005-10-15

October 15, 2005 in podcast

Jesse Perry, Chad Riden, and Ryan Williams play stand-up clips from Mary Mack, Reno Collier and Steve Hofstetter. Also, an Iron Comic competition between.. Chad and Jesse. Also, Rob Haynes and Shelley Raymond drop in, Joel T Wilson pretends to be Andie Lynn, and “Col. Parker” makes an appearance.

#5 2005-10-01

October 1, 2005 in podcast

Jesse Perry and Ryan Williams play stand-up clips from Chad Riden and Keith Alberstadt. Also, Corey Reppond reports on the IRON COMIC competition between.. Jesse Perry and Ryan Williams. Shelley Raymond makes a special appearance.

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