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Nashville StandUp Comedy Podcast presents comedy podcasts from Nashville, Tennessee's stand-up comedy scene, clips from live shows, interviews, IRON COMIC comedy competitions, random bits of other stuff

#13 – 2005.11.26

November 26, 2005 in podcast

Jesse Perry, Billy Wayne Davis, Chad Riden, Rob Haynes and Chris Loyd play standup clips from Craig Smith, Pat Dixon, Reno Collier and Doug Stanhope. Jesse Perry’s Mother called in to warn everybody about turkey poisioning.. and Pat Dixon called in talking about his appearance on the Late Late Show and other funny stuff. Turns out, the Stanhope clip was only partially edited and one of the radio station’s owners called in to complain about the language. Of course, we took the call live on the air and backtracked as fast and as cowardly as possible. Also, Jesse and Rob competed for the title of Iron Comic; Col. Parker phoned in; we talked about what we were thankful for; we tried to retire a bit about how white and black people are different; and lives were changed. However, some idiot forgot to start recording the show on time, so the first part is missing.. so it’s only a partial REVOLUTION!! this week. Still, enjoy.

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